How to get the Fallen Charger mount in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Prevent it from reaching the gates.

Image via Blizzard

There are multiple mounts for you to pick up and add to your collection in World of Warcraft. With the Shadowlands expansion, there are even more mounts for you to pick from, although many of them are going to have you running through the content, completing some difficult challenges. So for those keen on adding the Fallen Charger mount to their collection, you have your work cut out for you.

The Fallen Charger mount is a spectral house with golden armor and bright flames coming out of the mouth and eyes. It’s a terrifying creature, making it a worthwhile steed for you to ride into battle. To add this mount to your collection, you need to defeat an NPC of the same name, an elite with a rare chance of appearing in The Maw. The specific item you’re looking to acquire from the Fallen Charger is the Fallen Charger’s Reigns.

The Fallen Charger is an elite NPC that will spawn somewhere in The Maw. When the NPC spawns, its entire goal is to reach Korthia, and if it reaches Korthia, the NPC disappears, preventing players from defeating and looting it. Therefore, when you see this creature, you want to make sure you have plenty of friends to defeat it because it’s difficult to defeat on your own, given the amount of health attached to it.

Should you defeat the Fallen Charger before it arrives at Korthia, there’s a chance that you’ll receive the Fallen Charger mount, but much like the elite NPC, it’s a rare find.