How to get the Flash Shift ability in Metroid Dread

This “flashy” upgrade is great for dodging during combat.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread brings back plenty of weapons and items from the series’ history, but the Flash Shift is a brand-new power. This speedy move is required to get through certain doors, but it’s also handy in a battle situation. Of course, you’ll need to find it first.

You can acquire the Flash Shift during your first visit to Burenia. Proceed until you reach the first flooded room, then sink to the bottom past the fish enemies. Climb the platforms to the right, using the Morph Ball tunnels to continue making your way back up. You’ll also need to use the Diffusion Beam to blow open some cracked rocks and explosive sacs, carving out the path upward. When you reach a Missile door, shoot your way through to find an alien cube by a statue on the other side. Samus will absorb the cube’s power and learn the Flash Shift.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Like the Phantom Cloak, this ability also uses your yellow energy meter. Pressing A sends Samus flashing across the screen in a burst of light, expending the whole meter. This move is handy in combat, as you can use it to dodge backward, away from incoming tacks quickly. It also has a use while exploring the map — shutters will close if you step on the pressure plate before them, blocking your way forward. With the Flash Shift, you can skirt right over these plates without touching the ground. You’ll need to do that very thing at the top exit of the room where you get this ability.