How to get the Diffusion Beam ability in Metroid Dread

Samus Aran’s blaster is even better when it explodes on impact.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread is loaded with weapons and items for Samus Aran to add to her arsenal. Returning from Other M is the Diffusion Beam, one of many upgrades to her arm cannon. It’s a necessary tool for finishing the game, and it’s quite useful in combat too. Here’s where to find it.

You’ll need to defeat Kraid. He’s chained up in a deep, volcanic part of Cataris, and his prison blocks your path. With the putrid Space Pirate out of the way, you can continue forward. At the back of his chamber is a pair of walls you can scale with the Spider Magnet ability. Do so, then tuck and roll through the next tunnel with the Morph Ball. You’ll find the Diffusion Beam in the clutches of a Chozo Statue in the next room. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

With this upgrade, Samus’ beams can do serious damage: a Charge Beam shot will cause an explosion of energy when it connects with an enemy or surface. It’s handy for taking on swarms of small parasite enemies in particular. You can also use it to hit cracked rocks that aren’t protruding out the wall, floor, or ceiling, as the explosion can connect a few tiles back. You’ll have to do just that to make your way out of this volcanic area.