How to get the Fried Chicken Egg in Roblox Egg Hunt 2020

Survive the waves of zombies.

The Roblox Egg Hunt of 2020 is underway with 50 different eggs scattered across multiple games, waiting for players to complete their miniature quests and collect them all. With so many available, collecting them all will take a bit of time and plenty of patience for players eager to add them to their collection. To grab the Fried Chicken Egg, you need to play the Zombie Rush game.

The game is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is take down five different zombies in the game that have fried chicken on them. If you take down all five zombies with fried chicken, you’ll be able to obtain an egg for yourself to show your valor for taking down these troublesome zombies.

You’re looking for the ones that have a large, partially eaten chicken drumstick in their right hand. Shoot them, take them down, and then run up the fallen drumstick to add it to your total. There are plenty of zombies in this mode, but only a handful of them have a partially eaten drumstick in their hands. The zombies with these chicken drumsticks start to show up later in the waves, so if you’re not seeing them immediately, you want to try to survive for longer in the game.

It’s better to do this part of the egg hunt with other players because of how many zombies there are in the game. You may feel more confident doing it by yourself, but you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by them.

After you obtain all five of the drumsticks in the game, you can receive the Fried Chicken Egg in Roblox. Even if you die during any of the waves, you don’t lose your progress.