How to get the Golden Pinkie Ring in Triangle Strategy

The Golden Pinkie Ring is a valuable accessory — here’s how to get it.

Image via Nintendo

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Just like many other JRPGs, Triangle Strategy has accessories you can give to your characters to equip. These accessories can raise your stats, give you higher elemental resistances, give you more EXP, and more. There’s one item in particular can increase the rate at which enemies will drop spoils. This item is called the Golden Pinkie Ring, and it should be on one of your party members at all times.

The Golden Pinkie Ring is available after chapter five and can be bought from the provisioner at your encampment for 5,000 coins. It may seem like a lot that early in the game, but you can gain back the spent coins by participating in mock battles that give you money as a reward. One early mock battle will provide you with two thousand for clearing it, so doing it will provide you with extra experience and coin.

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The Golden Pinkie Ring is such an essential accessory because collecting enemy spoils will give you items that you can use to increase your character’s stats and even give them more abilities to use in battle. Spoils are dropped when an enemy dies, and you’ll have to end your turn on the square with a spoil to pick it up. If you’re having difficulty with certain battles, wait until there is one enemy and then go around the map and pick up the spoils you may have missed. Grab the Golden Pinkie Ring as soon as you can.