How to get the Golem Kit, the Iron Golem artifact, in Minecraft Dungeons

A solid companion.


For those interested in having an Iron Golem protect them in Minecraft Dungeons, you need to acquire the Golem Kit artifact. With it, you can summon an Iron Golem to fight by your side, similar to how you summon the wolf or llama. You won’t be able to get it on your first playthrough, though. Not because it’s challenging to find but because it’s not available until later in the game.

You will have the chance to unlock the Golem Kit once you play through the game twice, and you unlock the Apocalypse difficulty. It’s the hardest difficulty in the game. You can expect to reach it once you reach around level 35 to 45, and your gear power rises to around 70. The Golem Kit won’t drop in the first few levels, but you can find it in the Pumpkin Pasture level.

Pumpkin Pastures appears to be the only location that allows you to collect the Golem Kit. You might have the chance to add it to your collection if you visit the Wandering Trader in your camp and exchange gems for a random artifact. You do need to have access to Apocalypse mode before it enters your game’s artifact rotation.

Once you have access to the Golem Kit, all you have to do is equip it to your character, and you can summon your companion at will. The Iron Golem will follow you around as you play the game, defending you whenever you enter combat, and ready to initiate with any enemies it encounters. If you wander too far away from it, the Iron Golem will respawn on your location. If you’re near a cliff of a place it can, there’s a chance it can fall and down, forcing your Golem Kit to go on cooldown.

For those searching for the Golem Kit, you will have to wait a good chunk of time into your Minecraft Dungeons adventure before you can find it.