How to get the Greatsword in Roblox Verdant Moon

A great weapon if you can find it.

Image via Roblox

Roblox Verdant Moon is a game that encourages players to explore its vast world, and adventurous players are rewarded with items and sometimes weapons. The Greatsword is one of these weapons players can find out in the wild, but it’s not easy. The game’s dark lightning in which the sword is located makes locating it even harder. If you’re wondering where the Greatsword is, we’ve prepared a guide on where you can find it.

Where to find The Greatsword

  • Head into Abyssal Heights
  • When in Abyssal Heights, you’ll notice the terrain that almost looks like a set of stairs. Jump up this and make your way into the Silver Woods
  • When you’re in the Silver Woods, make your way into the top area. Keep going forward, climbing your way up until you find an area with rocky terrain.
  • Once you’re here, make your way down into the lower levels until you find a cave. Be careful as you may run into an enemy here.
  • When you make your way into the cave, you’ll enter a new area called the Undergrowth. This is where the game gets incredibly dark, so we recommend having something to illuminate the area to make things easier for you.
  • Keep making your way forward until you come to a ledge.
  • Follow the ledge to the left and carefully make your way across it.
  • Once you make it to the end of the ledge, instead of jumping across, if you look down, you’ll see little ledges you can jump down to. Do that.
  • Now, this part can be tricky as you’ll have to carefully navigate and jump your way to tiny platforms close to the wall.
  • Once you make it across, right around the corner, you’ll find a lady who will sell you the Greatsword.

According to players in the game’s community Discord, you need to have 100 kills to obtain the Greatsword. So, we recommend making sure you’ve racked up enough kills before doing any of this.