How to get the Halloween costume hats in Among Us

Grab your favorite hat.

Image via Innersloth

There are a variety of holiday-themed hats you can unlock in Among Us. Unfortunately, for those who jumped into the game during its rising popularity in August 2020, you might have missed out on the chance to add these to your collection. A notable one happened during Halloween 2019, and several hats were made available for free that you can have your character wear. These included option such as murder-like hockey mask, a machete, a pumpkin hat, cat ears, a witch’s hat, and plenty more.

For those who missed out, you have the option to grab them again. It’s not too complicated. All you have to do is close out of the Among Us client, and then go into your computer or mobile device’s time and date settings, and turn the clock back to October 10, 2019. You should be able to do this from a variety of options. Once you confirm these settings, open Among Us once again and host a game online. No one has to join you for it to work. Approach the computer to customize your character, and then you should access to a variety of Halloween-themed hats.

Some players have to join a public game, walk around for a little bit, and then leave before going to a private game to access them. We did not have to do that for it to work for us. After we had all of the hats claimed and in our collection, we were able to return our computer’s clock back to the standard time, and the hats remained available to us.