How to get the Halo Infinite Depths cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

Get yourself some infinite swag.

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Sea of Thieves has never been afraid to bring classic Xbox franchises into its fold, so the crossover with Halo isn’t completely unexpected. As part of the game’s Infinite Depths Collection, players can get their hands on a whole host of cosmetics inspired by Master Chief’s adventures. If you’re wondering how to grab the Infinite Depths cosmetics in Sea of Thieves for yourself, here is everything you need to know.

How to get the Infinite Depths (Halo Master Chief) cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

This isn’t the strangest crossover that we’ve seen in Sea of Thieves, which has seen the likes of Oreo grace the ships of players in some regions. It isn’t even the first time that Halo has come to the Sea of Thieves. Previously, pirates could show their Master Chief love in the form of sails. Though the timing of the event is somewhat questionable, Rare is offering even more items to get your hands on. You just need to go to the Pirate Emporium when you load up the game and purchase them using Ancient Coins.

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Here are all the items available in the Infinite Depths event in Sea of Thieves:

Infinite Depths Weapons

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There are a total of four Halo-themed weapons in the Infinite Depths Sea of Thieves crossover. These can be purchased individually for 249 Ancient Coins each or as part of the Infinite Depths Weapon Bundle for 499 Ancient Coins.

  • Infinite Depths Blunderbuss (based on the Spiker)
  • Infinite Depths Cutlass (based on the Energy Sword)
  • Infinite Depths Eye of Reach (based on the Needle Rifle)
  • Infinite Depths Pistol (based on the Plasma Pistol)

Infinite Depths Costume

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There is one costume available as part of the Infinite Depths Sea of Thieves crossover, titled the Infinite Depths Costume. Bringing Master Chief’s iconic helmet and visor into the Sea of Thieves will cost you a total of 999 Ancient Coins; it even comes with a special Costume Emote that references Cortana.

Infinite Depths Weapon Pose

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In addition to the new weapon skins and costume, you can also purchase a new Infinite Depths Weapon Pose emote for your pirate. It will give you a set of emotes to use depending on which weapon you are carrying it. It will set you back 249 Ancient Coins. There is also a free “Armor Mock” emote based on the Armor Lock pose from Halo 3.

Infinite Depths Ships

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There are a total of 10 different ship cosmetics you can get as part of this crossover between Sea of Thieves and Halo. These include eight standard ship parts that are part of the Infinite Depths Ship Bundle, which you can buy for 2499 Ancient Coins, or you can purchase each one individually for the amount listed below. These cosmetics are based on the Banished from Halo Infinite.

  • Infinite Depths Cannons: 349 Ancient Coins
  • Infinite Depths Capstan: 349 Ancient Coins
  • Infinite Depths Figurehead: 599 Ancient Coins
  • Infinite Depths Flag: 349 Ancient Coins
  • Infinite Depths Hull: 349 Ancient Coins
  • Infinite Depths Sails: 599 Ancient Coins
  • Infinite Depths Wheel: 349 Ancient Coins
  • Infinite Depths Cannon Flare: 349 Ancient Coins

Infinite Depths bundles

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If you just want to invest in the bare essentials for your ship, you can purchase the Infinite Depths Ship Essentials Bundle, which includes the Figurehead, Flag, Hull, and Sails listed above. It will cost you a total of 1499 Ancient Coins.

In addition to these items, you can also purchase two Collectors Edition variants for the Infinite Depths Sea of Thieves event. These aren’t included in the Ship Bundle and must be purchased separately for 799 Ancient Coins each.

  • Infinite Depths Collector’s Figurehead
  • Infinite Depths Collector’s Sails