Sea of Thieves How to Get Ancient Coins for Free


Ancient Coins are Sea of Thieves’ premium currency, and you usually have to hand over your hard-earned real-world loot to get your hands on them. There is a way to earn them in-game, however. If you can track down some Ancient Skeletons, they can drop Ancient Coins when they die.

How To Get Ancient Coins For Free

To get Ancient Coins for free, you need to track down Ancient Skeletons. These skeletons have blue and gold bones and have a large sack of coins on their backs. The game also features some audio cues for when they spawn. These chaps have a unique scary tune, accompanied by the sound of coins falling on the floor.

You only have 10 seconds to kill them, and when you approach, they try to run away. They do not have a lot of health, thankfully, but if you don’t kill them in time, they dig down into the earth and disappear.

You can find Ancient Skeletons by visiting Islands in Adventure Mode or The Arena. The player acts as a potential spawn point, with the Skeletons appearing close to you.

When you kill an Ancient Skeleton, you receive Ancient Coins, although you will only know how many by checking the Pirate Emporium screen in your Main Menu. There is also no known mechanic by which you can influence the spawns, and Ancient Skeletons are a pretty rare spawn in the game. To increase your chances, spend a lot of time on the Islands in the game.

You can also purchase Ancient Coins for real-world money in the game’s store.

  • Secret Stash of the Ancients – 100 Ancient Coins – $1.49
  • Lost Chest of the Ancients – 500 Ancient Coins – $5.49
  • Hidden Trove of the Ancients – 1000 Ancient Coins – $9.99
  • Royal Treasury of the Ancients – 2550 Ancient Coins – $22.99
  • Glittering Tribute of the Ancients – 4050 Ancient Coins – $34.99

Now you know what to do to try and get your hands on some free Ancient Coins. Best of luck on the high-seas, sailor.