Sea of Thieves is getting Halo Infinite cosmetics, though the timing is questionable

Cue the sad trombone (or hurdy gurdy).

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Someone in Rare’s marketing department is getting the Academy Award this year for “the best example of how we probably shouldn’t do it right now, but let’s do it anyway.” Halo Infinite has had a questionable relationship with the public, to say the least, since its launch over a year ago, and it is now considered ancient in the vast scope of available first-person shooter gaming options.

There is also that pesky mushroom cloud still hanging in the air after the recent Microsoft and 343 Industries company layoffs. Sea of Thieves, however, thought it the best possible moment ever to burst through the door like Kramer in Seinfeld, announcing to the gape-jawed masses that the game will be getting Halo Infinite cosmetics.

The unlockables will be available in the Pirate Emporium starting February 16, and are all fancy enough. There is a Master Chief-inspired Infinite Depths costume that comes with a Cortana emote, weapons inspired by the Covenant (including an Energy Sword cutlass), and an Armor Lock emote to enter the fray like John-117.

The only issue here is that Xbox players are still reeling from the negative press Halo has been getting over the past few weeks. It wasn’t even clear last month if 343 Industries would be making Halo anymore, and the company has had to do a lot of reassuring to fans that aren’t even sure that it still wants to be in this relationship.

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Putting aside the questionable Halo crossover, Sea of Thieves is continuing to provide fans with exciting things that have no dark cloud hanging over them. There is a new set of Twitch Drops and a pancake-based emote coming soon, and a pause on Adventures in lieu of fifth-anniversary celebrations. Maybe Xbox Game Studios should just focus on this stuff, as there be rough seas for Halo right now.