How to get the Oreo Valiant Corsair ship set in Sea of Thieves

Cookies go great with grog, we hear.

Image via Xbox

The pirate’s diet doesn’t just have to consist of bananas and grog. It can also include delicious cookies, thanks to a partnership between Xbox and Oreo. As part of the partnership, Sea of Thieves players can unlock a special Oreo-themed Valiant Corsair ship set to show off their dedication to the iconic snack. If you’re eager to get your hands on these delicious-looking cosmetics, here is everything we know about the Oreo Variant Corsair ship set in Sea of Thieves, how to get it, and where to get it.

How to get the Oreo Variant Corsair ship set in Sea of Thieves

Screenshot by Gamepur

We’re not sure if a corporate partnership is entirely in line with the pirate lifestyle, but who doesn’t love cookies? This partnership is offering Sea of Thieves players the chance to get this unique sail and hull set, but getting it will require you to purchase a promotional pack of Oreos. Milk for dunking is not included.

According to the official announcement from Xbox, the Oreo Xbox Special Edition packs will contain cookies with symbols relating to the buttons on the Xbox controller. Fans can use these cookies to get a code that will add the Valiant Corsair sails and hull to their Sea of Thieves account by setting them up in a particular order and scanning them with their webcam or phone. The website will tell them if they’re correct or need to make some changes to get the right code, which is reportedly tied to famous codes in gaming history. We’re looking at you, Konami.

The Sea of Thieves Oreo Variant Corsair ship set – which countries are participating?

Unfortunately, this giveaway isn’t available in every country. So far, only select European countries can participate, with no plans to roll it out to players in other parts of the world, though that hasn’t stopped some enterprising players from trying to get their hands on codes from other countries.

Not sure if these cosmetics are available in your country? Here is our list of every known country where the Oreo Variant Corsair ship set will be available in Sea of Thieves and when the packs go on sale. Keep in mind that these are only the countries we’ve been able to confirm are taking part in the promotion and not the full list of 22 nations where the Oreo packs will be sold.

  • France: Currently available
  • Spain: Currently available
  • Portugal: Currently available
  • Switzerland: Currently available
  • Germany: Currently available
  • Latvia: Currently available
  • Estonia: Currently available
  • Lithuania: Currently available
  • United Kingdom: Currently available
  • Norway: Currently available
  • Netherlands: Available January 31
  • Kazakhstan: Available February 1
  • Poland: Available February 1
  • Slovakia: Available February 1
  • Czech Republic: Available February 1
  • Hungary: Available February 27
  • Romania: Available March 1