How to get the Hat on Head achievement in Unpacking

To cap or not to cap.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Hat on Head achievement in Unpacking is awarded for finding a head to wear the hat. Going for 100% completion can be difficult because every achievement is hidden, meaning you could miss relatively simple ones like this without even noticing. Our guide below will help if you’re struggling.

The Hat on Head achievement can be unlocked in 2007, Unpacking’s third level. If you need help with completing 1997 or 2004, our guides have you covered. Conversely, if you don’t care, you can zip through levels by using the accessibility option that lets you place items anywhere.

The bedroom will be littered with three stacks of boxes in addition to a small box on the bed and a single large box on the floor in front of the stacks. You can grab the hat from the box on the bottom of the stack nearest to the bed. Hold onto the hat while switching to the dining room and either zoom out or move the camera until you see the mannequin head on top of the shelf. Place the hat on the bald head to pop the Hat on Head achievement. This will also unlock the sticker of the blue person wearing a cap for use in the game’s photo mode.

Screenshot by Gamepur