Unpacking: Where to Put Every Item in 1997 – All Item Placements

Unpacking’s 1997 chapter is a tutorial level filled with books and toys needing to find their proper place.


Image via Humble Games

The first level that folks will come across in Unpacking will be the 1997 stage. It is a relatively small room, but tons of items will need to be placed and rotated to move on to the next stage. It’s important to make sure to comb through this entire room to make sure you track down every item with a distinct location.

It’s also important to note that there’s a single achievement you can unlock when completing this level. Here’s what you need to know about where to place every item in Unpacking’s 1997 level.

Every Item Location in Unpacking 1997

Firstly, it doesn’t hurt to simply place each item on the floor before being particular as to where each needs to go. Although to keep track of everything, your best bet is to unbox a certain group of items next to each; this especially goes for action figures, stuffed animals, and books. After this is done, here’s where you’ll need to drag each set of items to advance:

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Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Books: Place each book near each other on the shelves connected to the bed. However, the locked diary will need to go into the desk drawer.
  • Stuffed animals: There are a total of four stuffed animals. Each of these can be placed on top of the bed but in no particular location or order.
  • Action figures: In the boxes, you’ll find two superheroes, two horses, a larger ogre, and a dwarf. These action figures can be placed on the counter below the window.
  • Kids’ games: Here, you’ll discover a chess set, a round colored disc, a jump rope, a soccer ball, and a boxed board game. Open the doors on the furniture piece underneath the window and insert each of these items in it.
  • Photos: Alongside the action figures, set the green-framed pig photo on the countertop. The blue-framed horse drawing and the rolled-up poster will then need to go on the wall to the left of it.
  • Rubik’s cube: Before placing this item down, rotate it until it is solved, as this will unlock the “solve a puzzle” achievement. The Rubik’s cube can then be set on the desk or on shelves.
  • School supplies and backpack: This last set of items can just be placed on either the desk or one of the shelves. However, the backpack will need to be positioned in the left corner of the room on the floor.