How to turn on the ability to place items everywhere in Unpacking

Change the options to relax a little.


Image via Humble Games

Unpacking is a wholesome puzzle game in which players complete levels by figuring out the right spots for every item as its namesake suggests. The next level isn’t accessible until each room is properly unpacked. You can’t just leave random stuff lying around the floor, for example.

Although this gameplay loop is what Unpacking was designed around, this can be frustrating for certain players. If the idea of decorating a room sounds enticing, but you want to be free of the confines of the puzzle gameplay, there is an option for you.

Placing items anywhere

When on the title screen, click on the settings menu and then reach into the accessibility submenu from there. From this accessibility screen, you’ll notice a toggle that states “allow items anywhere.” This completely circumvents the game’s puzzle aspects, letting players decorate rooms and move onto the next level as they please. This option is also accessible during gameplay from the pause menu.

Note that you can toggle this on and off without detriment. When selecting the toggle during any level, we were given access to the next level if we moved the cursor over the star icon in the corner of the screen. However, disabling the toggle removed our ability to move on. Because of this, you’re able to use it for specific levels that are giving you trouble if keeping it active the entire game isn’t what you want.

Screenshot by Gamepur