Where to put every item in 2004 – Unpacking item placement guide

The 2004 stage is a puzzling one-bedroom apartment with just enough space.


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In the second level of Unpacking, players will face a step up in difficulty when the unnamed protagonist ends up moving to a tight one-bedroom apartment. Now, there will be three rooms that need your unboxing abilities, with several items awaiting their placement.

Unpacking the bathroom

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This section of the 2004 stage will require players to think about what items will be used on a daily basis and which items will need to remain away from the private eye. Here’s each set of items in the bathroom box and where they need to head:

  • Bathroom supplies: The majority of the items found in this box can be stored in the sink cupboard once you’ve opened the doors. However, everyday things such as the toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, and soap can be set near the sink itself.
  • Towels: Luckily, there are only two towels in this section. The hand towel can be set on the bar next to the sink, with the larger towel needing to be placed on the door hanger.
  • The trashcan: Place this next to the toilet on the right side of the room.

Lastly, there will be a few pieces of clothing randomly hanging around in this box. Simply pick these items up, head into the bedroom, and store them in the closet drawers.

Unpacking the kitchen

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The kitchen is the easiest of the three required areas to clean. Although there are a lot of smaller items, there’s plenty of shelves to get away with lazily storing them. Here’s what you’ll see from each of the unpacked boxes:

  • Silverware: Forks, spoons, and knives will need to stored in the left upper drawer, found underneath the stove. Larger colored utensils such as the butcher’s knife, yellow can opener, blue ladle, and wooden spoon should be placed in the drawer below it.
  • Dishes and cups: These can all be placed in the higher shelves above the stove and sink.
  • Cleaning supplies and pots: Items like the sponges, dish soap, and pots can all be placed in either the cupboard below the sink or on the shelf closest to the ceiling. If there isn’t enough room, some cleaning supplies can be put next to the sink.
  • Ingredients and towels: Once the previous items are stored away, you should have one last shelf to place your cooking oil, sugar and salt on. The last two remaining towels can also be set alongside them or on the hanger near the stove.

Unpacking the bedroom

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To quickly clean the bedroom, you’ll want to begin by mostly setting everything on the floor and placing each item near similar counterparts. For instance, stack all of the books into separate piles and place the toys together on the bed. Once that’s done, here’s where each item will be headed:

  • Clothes and shoes: Shoes can be set on the top shelf of the dresser once opened, with each item of clothing allowed to be either hung or folded on the shelf below. Bras and socks will need to be separated and stored in the drawers underneath.
  • Toys and books: These can be placed on either the shelves attached on the wall or underneath the nightstand. If you run out of room, some toys are able to sit on the bed or next to the window.
  • Bags: In each of the boxes, you’ll find two bags that should only be placed to the right of the nightstand.
  • Computer supplies: The computer, its monitor and keyboard, along with the mouse and pad, should all be set on the black desk.

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