How to get the Hider of Legendary Secrets Commendation in Sea of Thieves

I really want to sell it, but…

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The Hider of Legendary Secrets Commendation in Sea of Thieves requires you to bury 20 treasures of value to the Athena’s Fortune Company. You can track your progress by tabbing over to the Pirate Log in the main menu, pressing Reputation, Bilge Rats, then Buried Treasure. The Commendation will be on the far-right side of the second row on the first page. If you still need Hider of Legendary Secrets, here’s how you can get it.

Finding Legendary Treasures

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Legendary treasures (aka Athena’s Treasure Items) are special items that you can sell to the Athena’s Fortune Company via the Mysterious Stranger, who you can find at the back of any tavern at any Outpost across the Sea of Thieves. Athena’s Treasure Items include:

  • Chest of Legends
  • Ashen Chest of Legends
  • Chalice of Ancient Fortune
  • Gilded Relic of Ancient Fortune
  • Skull of Ancient Fortune
  • Villainous Skull of Ancient Fortune
  • Crate of Legendary Voyages
  • Keg of Ancient Black Powder

You can acquire these legendary treasures by completing Athena’s Fortune Voyages, Athena’s Fortune Emissary Quests, or The Athena’s Run Mercenary Voyages. You can only access these quests if you or someone in your crew is a Pirate Legend (level 50 in at least three trading companies). If you’re not a Pirate Legend yet, you’ll need to find and steal these items from other crews, which is pretty random, unfortunately. You could also hope a crew is friendly and ask if they’d let you bury their items and then dig them back up before they sell them if you want to avoid conflict.

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Burying Legendary Treasures

Once you’ve acquired one of the aforementioned legendary treasures, just go to any island, find a nice spot to dig, place the item down on the ground, equip your Shovel from your Equipment Radial, and hold Left Trigger (LT) when the prompt appears while looking at the item to begin burying it. You’ll have to hold LT a few times as each animation completes. Once the item is totally buried, you’ll get progress toward the Hider of Legendary Secrets Commendation. From there, you can dig the items back up to sell. Remember that you can’t rebury the same item to have it count more than once toward the Commendation, so you’ll need to find 20 different legendary treasures.