How to get the Hogwarts Legacy PS5 controller

Take your magic experience to the next level.

Image via Gamepur

Hogwarts Legacy is already one of the year’s biggest games in terms of sales. So if you’re a Harry Potter fan and are excited about this game, then you can’t miss their latest announcement: an official Hogwarts Legacy controller for PS5. Using the Revelio spell, we will show you how you can get your hands on the Hogwarts Legacy PS5 controller.

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Where can I purchase the Hogwarts Legacy PS5 controller?

The PS5 Hogwarts Legacy Controller is only available through the PlayStation Direct program. It will be available exclusively in the US and UK from February 10 until sold out or more is made available. It’s a limited edition, so be on the lookout and pre-order as soon as possible. After that, get lost in the wizarding world until your PS5 controller arrives on February 28.

It is a controller that can only be purchased through PlayStation’s shopping website, which is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. Still, don’t give up the ship yet. There is a slight chance that they will sell it in other parts of the world if the reception is greater than expected.

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Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Controller’s Design

In a blog, the designers share how they came up with this design. They state that the Harry Potter saga has many iconic visual elements from which they could have drawn inspiration. Still, of all their options, they decided to stick with Hogwarts school, which design is iconic and representative of both the franchise and the game.

Beneath a deep black color, two gold stripes are revealed (one on each side), with an artistic Hogwarts image on the Dualsense center panel. It’s so pretty it looks like it’s going to talk at some point (and it just might!).