How to get the honey badger in The Division 2

Add the honey badger to your assault rifle collection

Image via Ubisoft

Weapons in The Division 2 define your character, and acquiring them is a great way to play the game you want to with your teammates. A new weapon added to the game is the honey badger, it’s an assault rifle capable of doing some pretty decent damage from various ranges.

For looking to acquiring it, you need to do it the old fashioned way. You can loot it out in the world from boxes, enemies, or by doing missions. A great way to help narrow down your search radius is to figure out what districts are leaning toward any pieces of equipment. You can do this from the map menu to see what regions have a higher chance of dropping any particular gear. The same goes for bounties, but these are a bit more difficult.

Additionally, unlike some of the rarer items like the exotic Chameleon, you can purchase a honey badger from any of the vendors. They rotate what’s in their inventory, so you may not see it remaining on a single vendor. You can tour Washington D.C., speaking to the available vendors to see who has what.

The honey badger has some excellent damage output, accuracy, and rounds per minute. For those who prefer assault rifles, it’s a worthy addition to your collection. While you do have to work to locate it, you should do reasonably well, dedicating yourself to searching in select districts. You can always try your luck doing the harder missions, too.