How to get the Hybodus mount and Major-General minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Learn how to score points in Ocean Fishing to get the new shark mount and minion

Final Fantasy XIV Fishing

Sharks are taking over Final Fantasy XIV. Thanks to the popularity of ocean fishing, sharks are the hot new trend.

Getting the shark minion and shark mount requires a bit of luck and patience. Both are achievement awards for successful fishing voyages. Just like all fishing in FFXIV, your success relies on equal parts luck, patience, and persistence.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a level 80 fisher to obtain either of these awards. You simply need to unlock Ocean Fishing and cast a line.

How to get the Major-General minion

The Major-General is an independent-type minion who will swim around at his leisure. He’s a reward for successfully obtaining the achievement “No More Fish in the Sea,” which requires you to score above 5,000 points on a fishing trip.

How to get the Hybodus mount

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The Hybodus mount can fly and plays the standard mount music that’s been in use since A Realm Reborn. This flying mount is a reward for successfully obtaining the achievement “No More Fish in the Sea II,” which requires you to score above 10,000 points on a fishing trip.

How to get a high score in Ocean Fishing

The key to earning over 5,000 (and 10,000) points is maximizing your fishing haul during Spectral Currents weather. The rainbow phase is when the huge fish come out, and they’re worth a ton of points each. Use Plump Worms for your bait during these windows—they attract the biggest fish.

Be thrifty with your GP. Save it for spectral weather so you can use Double Hook on any !!! or !! fish you catch. If you’re a lower-level fisher who hasn’t acquired these skills yet, fear not: Use Chum to catch as many fish as possible. A level 80 fisher with a few GP melds and Hi-Cordials can easily Double Hook three times within a spectral window. Just one successful rainbow phase will likely earn you the minion; three rainbow phases all but guarantees you’ll score above 10,000.

Ocean Fishing bonuses

The bonuses you earn at the end of a fishing trip are how you truly rack up the points. Bonuses can be awarded on an individual level as well as to your entire party. For example, if your party catches more than 10 different fish in an area, everyone gets a 10 percent bonus. If you personally catch a 4-star fish, you’ll get a 10 percent bonus. There are quite a few different bonuses that can kick in, so earning over a 50% bonus is not unusual.

Fishing voyages leave from the Limsa Lominsa docks every two hours, so set your in-game alarms. The more fishing ventures you take, the more likely you are to encounter a triple-rainbow trip and get some lucky catches.