How to get the Illuminating Evidence achievement/trophy in The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

Find the demons’ weakness.

House of Ashes

Image via Bandai Namco

The Illuminating Evidence achievement and trophy in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is awarded for having Eric discover the side effects of the UV wand. Getting this achievement requires making a series of choices throughout different chapters. Read our guide below to find out the sequence of events.

The achievement hunt begins when Salim finds himself removing chunks of debris piled on top of a demon. Doing so prompts an action sequence in which Salim fends off a demon. Completing the QTE sequence is necessary for discovering that the demons are weak to sunlight. It doesn’t have to be a perfect run. We fumbled our first QTE prompt in which Salim jumped a gap onto a crumbled stair-set and still discovered the creatures’ weakness.

Later on, Nick is caught from behind by Salim. When Salim tells Nick about his plan to eliminate the demon in the room, follow along instead of acting cautiously. You’ll wind up killing the demon after a successful series of QTE’s. Upon defeating the creature, act friendly and tell Salim your name. You should have gained enough of his trust by now for the next part of the achievement.

Eric and Jason find Nick and Salim shortly after this demon encounter. Reassure Salim that Nick’s friends won’t hurt him. Eric and Jason will act aggressively, but Salim trusts Nick enough to surrender instead of fighting back.

Shortly after this scene, Eric begins an examination of the dead creature, which is split up by a short playable section as Rachel. At one point during the examination process, Eric whips out a UV light. This prompts Salim to warn him about the dangers of using it on the demon’s body. Eric ignores Salim’s plea, causing the body to catch on fire as soon as he swipes his UV light over it.

The Illuminating Evidence achievement and trophy pops after the demon catches on fire.

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