How to get the Iron Ball fist weapon in Elden Ring

A deadly punching force.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you feel like strapping some large iron balls to your fists so you can get a more effective punch, you just might be looking to get your hands on the Iron Ball fist weapon. This is one of the few fist weapons that can be found in The Lands Between and they can be a powerful tool if wielded correctly. Here is where you can get the Iron Ball in Elden Ring.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To obtain this fist weapon, you will need to kill the NPC known as Blackguard Big Boggart. He resides at the Boilprawn Shack in Liurnia. To get there, you will need to either complete or bypass Stormveil Castle and head down into the lake area of Liurnia.

Killing Blackguard Big Boggart will yield a few rewards. You will get the Iron Ball, Iron Mask, Blackguard Bell Bearing, and 1,000 Runes. Defeating Blackguard isn’t difficult. He is able to get stunned easily and his attacks are easy to avoid. You can also kill him as part of Rya’s questline to receive Rya’s Necklace. This will end up giving you an invitation to Volcano Manor.