How to get the Kompressor in Warframe

Bubble gun.

The Kompressor is Yareli’s signature sidearm in Warframe, a bubble gun that fires explosive bubbles at enemies which inflict Viral damage upon impact AND detonation. The weapon is very effective against Flesh and Cloned Flesh but lacks damage against the Infected. As the damage caused by the weapon starts out at 100% Viral, it also cannot be increased by using Impact, Puncture, and Slash mods.

The weapon fires four bubbles with each shot that have a high status chance but a low critical chance. The bubbles will explode in a 2.4 meter radius, doing Viral damage to anything in the explosive range.

How to get the Kompressor

While the weapon can be purchased completed from the Market for Platinum, players can also buy all the blueprints they need to build it from the Ventkids at Fortunate for Ventkid standing. The Blueprint cost 25,000 Standing each, for a total of 75 Standing. Players can just speak with Roky in the Ventkids hideout to purchase the Kompressor parts.

Ventkid standing is earned by doing tricks on the K-Drive, and taking part in K-Drive races.


You will need the following resources to build the Barrel after you get the blueprint:


You will need the following resources to build the Receiver after you get the blueprint:

  • 15000 Credits
  • 20 Axidrol Alloy
  • 6 Star Amarast
  • 10 Tink Dissipator Coil
  • 40 Mytocardia Spore

Both parts can then be combined with the main blueprint, 25,000 Credits, and 3 Oroikin Cells to produce the Kompressor.