How to get The Leviathan Frigate in No Man’s Sky

Move over Living Ship.


Screenshot via Hello Games’ YouTube channel

No Man’s Sky is packed with incredible discoveries to make. It has almost everything, whether you’re uncovering new materials to build your bases with or locating a living ship. However, some items are still incredibly elusive, such as the Normandy N7 Frigate. This guide explains how to get The Leviathan Frigate in No Man’s Sky, so you can have a living Frigate to match your living ship.

Where to find The Leviathan Frigate

Screenshot by Hello Games

There’s only one way to get The Leviathan Frigate, and that’s by completing every Milestone and Phase in No Man’s Sky Expedition 7: Leviathan. The Expedition is the first roguelike adventure in No Man’s Sky, giving players a set of goals to complete while resetting much of their progress upon death. For example, you’ll revert to the spawn point from the start of the Expedition if you die, but any Milestones you’ve completed will remain unlocked, so you don’t need to repeat them.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

You must complete every Milestone in Expedition 7: Leviathan before claiming The Leviathan Frigate as your own. Each Phase you complete unlocks a new badge in the final Loop section in the Expedition menu. Once you’ve got all the badges, you can claim the final reward from the badge at the bottom of the screen, which will award you the Frigate. There are many other rewards to earn along the way, all of which make completing the Expedition worthwhile without the added benefit of getting a living Frigate out of it at the end.

If you missed Expedition 7: Leviathan the first time around, there’s a chance that developer Hello Games will bring it back one day. The first four Expeditions in the game were repeated towards the end of the year they were released, and the same will likely happen every year from now on. You must wait until the Expedition comes back into rotation, then jump in and complete it as fast as possible to get the reward you seek.