How to get the Libre Pikachu costume in Pokémon Go

Image via Niantic

You can earn plenty of rewards for playing Pokémon Go. They vary from in-game resources to help your Pokémon to become more powerful, encounters with rare Pokémon, and sometimes cosmetics to make your trainer stand out from the other players who meet in the game. A new costume you can earn is a Libre Pikachu outfit, which decks your trainer avatar out in a full suit.

You can see the full suit in a recent Reddit post shown off by user TheVps. They have their avatar wearing the complete outfit in the first image, where it covers their entire body in the unique attire. You can tell it’s a Libre Pikachu suit by the iconic Pikachu ears and red cheeks on the Libre mask.

To earn the costume, you need to participate in the Battle League. The Battle League is a brand new feature in Pokémon Go where you have the chance to test your Pokémon’s skills against other players to see who wins. The more battles you participate in, the more ranks you earn, which you acquire by participating in the battles. You do not have to win. If you do win them, you receive exclusive encounters, such as having the chance to capture a Scraggy at rank IV (4). Reddit user TheVps earned their Libre Pikachu costume by reaching rank VII (7) in the Battle League. You do not need to pay for them after you gain access to the clothing.

For those eager to jump into the Battle League, you do need to walk five-kilometers before gaining access to it. You can obtain three of them per day. However, you can shorten this length by using a premium raid pass when you reach two-kilometers. This option costs 100 PokéCoins.