How to get the megaphone emote in Roblox Arsenal

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How to get the megaphone emote in Roblox Arsenal

If you are an avid Roblox Arsenal player, you might have noticed other players using taunts, commonly known as emotes. The emotes in Roblox work just like in other games such as Fortnite and add a lot of fun to the gameplay in spite of being a mere cosmetic element. If you are looking to get the megaphone emote in Roblox Arsenal, here is how to get it.

There are two ways to get the megaphone emote in Roblox Arsenal. The first one requires you to keep a tab on the shop on a regular basis since the items in the shop keep changing every day. The megaphone usually costs around 1,800 BattleBucks.

You can earn BattleBucks by a variety of means, which includes playing games and completing quests. On an average, you get 20 to 30 BattleBucks per match so completing quests is the better way to earn BattleBucks.

The second one is a lot more unpredictable than the first since it requires you to open a case, that is, the Flair Case. Like other loot boxes, this one can have a number of items including a Kill Effect, Emote, or Announcer.

Considering that you have a pretty slim chance of getting the exact emote from the case, we would recommend saving up and keeping an eye on the shop instead. Not to forget, the case costs around 600 BattleBucks which simply isn’t worth the price.

That’s all you need to know about getting the megaphone emote in Roblox Arsenal. Once you have the emote you can access it from the Emote section of the Locker. You can then equip it and play a variety of custom sounds from the Roblox sound library.