How to get the mirror’s missing stone blocks in Chronos: Before the Ashes

There are two missing blocks.

The mirror that allows you to teleport around in Chronos: Before the Ashes relies on these symbols above it to give it a location to teleport. You can change these symbols using the device in front of it, but there are two mission stone blocks. You need to find them to teleport to unique locations in the game. Here’s where you can find the stone blocks.

Downward arrow stone block

The first stone block you can find is for the slot on the far left, and it displays a symbol of a downward arrow. It takes a bit of moving around to get to it. On the level where you initially step out of the mirror will be a pool of water. There’s a valve that is letting water out, and you can take it from the center.

Once you have the valve, bring it back to the red stone at the start of the area, and then return through the left chamber where you first meet the Cyclops. You need to keep going down until you enter the room with the large hole in the middle. There should be one of the fire mages patrolling the top area and one of the bottom. Take them out, and then head to the base area.

When you reach the base, there should be a small cave that you can place the valve inside. This will bring water to the drain at the center of the room. Now, go to the room where you brought up the gate and found the first mirror. Turn around, go down the stairs, and there should be a chamber full of water being guarded by an undead lizard-like creature. The water-filled room created a bridge connecting to the right and left sides.

On the right side will be a gem you can grab. However, make sure to go through the left side to grab the Krell Hammer inside the chamber. After you obtain the gem, step through the mirror and return to the map’s upper portion.

When you return to where you grabbed the water valve, take the crystal to the room with a pedestal in front of the stone face. Place the gem at the center of the pedestal, and the stone face will open.

You’ll enter the upper area of the same room with the Cyclops. Dash past this hallway, and enter the room on the right side. There will be a large enemy with a heavy ax waiting for you. Beat them, and the stone block will be on the table at the back of the room.

Angled C stone block

You can only get the second missing block after acquiring the other one, and you have the key from inside the locked cabinet. You can now enter the princess’ chamber with the key, which is the locked door near the mirror.

When you open up the door, the stone block will be sitting on the chair on the room’s right side.