Where to find the missing flute for the statue in the jungle in Chronos: Before the Ashes – All riddle answers

There’s a flute missing.

When you enter the jungle region in Chronos: Before the Ashes, and you reach the bottom level, there’s a bridge you need to cross. Unfortunately, there’s no mechanism to make it lower. On either side of it is are two statues. The statue on the left is holding a flute, and the one on the right is not. You need to find the missing flute and continue through the jungle.

How to enter the jungle temple

To find the flute, you need to return to the closest world stone. It should be the one that you found on the lower level, near where the bridge. Rather than go the direction of the bridge, go the way on the left side. There’s a temple you can enter, and inside, you’ll find the flute you’re seeking, but it takes a bit to make it inside.

The only path forward through the temple is through a door you can pass through at the bottom of the stairs, on the left side. Go through it, and you’ll enter a hallway. Continue down the path until you make it up another set of stairs, and you have to go to the left where there’s a statue. Push the statue off and you’ll break the top of a wall, but it won’t create a passage way for you yet.

You need to take out the enemies that entered the room where you threw down the statue, on the lower level. Don’t jump down where you tossed the statue, or you will die. Take the stairs. Once you take out those enemies, proceed to the next hallway and there will be a third enemy who opened a door to another room.

Take out that enemy, and then take out the last one in that room. There will be a tool on the table you can take. Inside that room will be a ladder you can go down. Go to the room on the right, and it will have a rope hanging on the wall.

With those two tools, return to where you pushed the statue off, combine them in your inventory, and then interact with that spot. You can use the grappling hook you made to ferry your way down, and continue through the table.

Solving the three riddles

The pathway after the grappling hook is fairly straightforward. You want to make your way through the temple and continue until you find the Labrinthy box. After you take it off its pedestal, a door in that room will open, leading to a flight of stairs. Follow it, and there will be a Pan playing from a flute. Rather than battling them, speak to them, and they will give you the chance to solve three riddles and receive the flute. If you fail to complete any of the riddles, they will fight you, so you only have one chance.

These are the riddles, their answers.

  • “Alive I am not, yet still I grow. Lungs I haven not, yet breath I must. Teeth I have not, yet all i devour. What am I?” – A fire
  • “I have eight to spare, and am covered with hair. What am I?” – A cat
  • “What weighs more? A pound of wood or a pound of ore?” – Neither

After completing the riddles, the Pan will reward you the flute. You can take it back to the bridge, and you can now cross it.