How to get the Nothing To See Here Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Right under their noses.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

The Nothing To See Here Commendation in Sea of Thieves requires you to bury a valuable treasure while another crew is at the same location. For those unsure whether or not they’ve done this already, see the Commendation by finding the Pirate Log in the main menu, selecting Reputation, Bilge Rats, then Buried Treasure. It’s located in the center of the first page. If you still haven’t completed Nothing To See Here, here’s how to do it.

Two Crews, One Island

First, it’s important to know that “valuable treasure” is a pretty low bar, as it encompasses just about any item you can sell. Aside from all of the obvious treasure, valuable treasure includes Crates that can be purchased from the Merchant Alliance at any Outpost, as well as Animal Crates you can receive from the Merchant for starting Trade Goods Voyages. This means you don’t need to steal another crew’s treasure or go out and find your own, though you still can if you want.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The harder part of this Commendation is being at the same location as another crew and burying your treasure without dying. Viable strategies include:

  • Wait at an Outpost for a ship to come in (this could take time). Try to entice someone by setting off Fireworks and Flares. Once they start coming in, run to the other side of the Outpost while keeping them in sight. Bury your treasure as soon as someone steps on the Outpost.
  • Locate a ship anchored at an island or Outpost and stealthily sail your ship to the other side. Land and quickly bury a piece of treasure.
  • Locate an enemy crew anywhere in Sea of Thieves and make friends with them (using emotes, commands, voice chat, text chat, etc.). Ask if they would like to help you get Commendations and offer to help them, too. If they accept, just sail to an island together and follow the steps to unlock your Commendation. We haven’t tested whether this works while in an Alliance, but you don’t have to make an Alliance.

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Burying Treasure

Once you’re on an island with another crew, place your treasure on the ground, equip your Shovel via the Equipment Radial or Inventory, look at the item, and hold Left Trigger (LT) to bury it when the prompt appears. Hold LT again after each animation completes until the item is completely buried. Once it is, the Nothing To See Here Commendation should be marked as complete in your Pirate Log.