How to get the Hider of Sizable Stashes Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Put all your eggs in one basket.

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The Hider of Sizable Stashes Commendation in Sea of Thieves requires you to create a Treasure Stash map that leads to five treasures on the same island. The Commendation has a total of five Grades. Check your progress at any point by navigating to the Pirate Log in the menu, pressing Reputation, Bilge Rats, then Buried Treasures. It’s listed second from the left on the top row of the first page. If you haven’t completed this Commendation yet, this guide tells you how.

Gather Five Treasures

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To begin, you’ll need to gather five treasures, which you will then bury on one island. If you have the Gold to spend, we recommend buying Crates (Cannonball, Fireworks, etc.) from the Merchant Alliance representative located at any Outpost. These count as treasures, and since you spawn at Outposts, this is the fastest way to get five treasures. You can also buy Trading Goods Voyages from the Merchant and vote to start one at your ship. If you have to deliver animals of any kind, the Merchant will give you some Animal Crates, which count as treasures that you can bury.

If dealing with the Merchant is too expensive for you, feel free to take treasure maps from the Quest Board, do Voyages, steal from players, search islands — whatever it is you want to do to find five pieces of treasure. Just be careful not to lose your treasure along the way.

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Bury Your Treasures

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After you’ve collected five pieces of treasure, sail to an island or Outpost to bury them together. You’ll have to set each piece on the ground, equip your Shovel from the Equipment Radial or your Inventory, look at each piece, and hold Left Trigger (LT) to dig when the prompt appears. You’ll have to hold LT again each time the digging animation plays.

The treasure counts as buried when it’s completely covered up. Once all five pieces are buried on the same island (not in the exact same spot), you’ll get progress toward the Hider of Sizable Stashes Commendation. You cannot rebury the same treasures to earn more progress, so perform the steps listed in this guide again until you’ve completed the Commendation.