How to get the Onslaught card in Marvel Snap

Get this cursed combination of Professor X and Magneto.

Image by Gamepur

Marvel Snap may seem like your average card game, but fans of the Marvel franchise have taken quite a liking to it. It is a great game for both players who simply want to invest more of their time in Marvel-related experiences as well as people who enjoy card games. When first jumping into Marvel Snap, the sheer number of cards and abilities afforded to players can be a little overwhelming. One card that would be advantageous to seek out would be the Onslaught card since it doubles any Ongoing Effects at the location where it is placed.

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When can I get the Onslaught card in Marvel Snap?

If you want to work towards unlocking specific cards in Marvel Snap, you will need to continue playing the game and leveling up your Collection Level. Boosting your Collection Level will give you all sorts of rewards including Credits, Boosters, and Mystery Cards. To unlock Onslaught, you will want to aim toward unlocking Mystery Cards as quickly as you can since each one will give you a chance to unlock new characters. It is important to keep in mind that these cards are unlocked randomly, and Onslaught can be obtained anywhere from Collection Level 18 to 214.

To level up your Collection Level, you will need to stock up on enough Credits and character-specific Boosters. You will earn Boosters for a random character in your card deck each time you play a game of Marvel Snap, regardless of whether you win or not. This means that the most important thing you can do to improve your Collection Level and aim toward unlocking Onslaught is to simply play the game. Other than that, it may take a little bit of luck to unlock that specific card early on.