How to get the Oxygen Suit in Biomutant – Oxygen Pingdish quest

Take a breath.


Biomutant is filled with dangerous and hazardous areas that are hard for players to traverse. There will be some form of elemental effect in the area, although this can be reduced with the right type of armor that provides resistances to that form of hazard.

For each hazard type, there is a suit that will provide 100% resistance, and players will receive a quest to get that suit the first time they come in contact with the hazard. For Hypoxia, players will need to track down the Oxygen Suit. This can be located near the north side of the map, but it is not as simple as just walking up there and grabbing it.

First, players will need to make their way to Pingdish 11H which will be marked by a waypoint. Upon arrival, clear out any and all enemies then interact with the Pingdish. Players will need to spin the Pingdish until the incoming signal is almost constant, then hit the use button. This will mark a new waypoint that they will need to investigate.

This is where things get interesting because players will need to have a lot of Heat resistance to get to the area they need to visit, which is in the middle of a desert. At this point, players have a choice to make, they can either try to find the Heat suit, which will be a new quest they receive when they hit the desert area, or they can mix and match armor pieces to hit a high Heat resistance.

Each armor piece offers different levels of resistance to the game’s elemental hazards, and by getting to 100%, players can completely nullify their effects. Even getting to 80-90% will give players enough resistance to survive and pull off most missions in the game. Players who want to brave the Heat should know that as long as they can get inside a building, they will be safe from the heat and the build-up of the element will start to reduce.

Players can head for these resistance armor missions they second they get them in the game, even though they will seem very far away. Thanks to the way level scaling works in Biomutant, they will all be achievable as long as they player can get enough resistance.