How to get the Patient Bufonid mount in World of Warcraft

A mechanical frog mount for almost no effort.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The World of Warcraft’s Patch 9.2 – Eternity’s End content update has brought a large sum of new mounts to collect. Some of these mounts require hidden secrets, a large amount of grinding, or luck to acquire, so it is always nice to see a mount reward that isn’t time-consuming or rare. The Patient Bufonid mount is a giant mechanical frog that is obtained simply by completing a set of seven quests over an entire week. The quests demand very little effort, and skipping a day will not require starting over from day one, meaning the mount is easily acquired with a small amount of patience.

Within the new Haven hub found in the Patch 9.2 zone Zereth Mortis, players will stumble upon a broker character named Avna. He will start off a quest chain called The Burrowed Bufonid, which will ask the player character for easily obtained items every day over the course of a week.

Quest 1

The first task sends the player our to collect 15 Vespoid Honey. This reagent is commonly dropped by Vespoid mobs in Zereth Mortis, which are protoform wasps found near hives throughout the zone.

Quest 2

The second task is even easier than the first. Avna will want 30 Tenebrous Ribs, which are very common mob drops from anywhere in the Shadowlands. Players have been able to collect this item from the launch of the expansion, and will likely have some stored in their bank or can purchase them on the auction house.

Quest 3

The third task is very similar to the second, except this time the requested item is 200 Shrouded Cloth. This is another very common mob drop available since Shadowlands released, and can also be purchased cheaply on the auction house.

Quest 4

Avna will ask for 10 Elysian Thade, an uncommon fish found from fishing throughout Shadowlands. It is another item easily purchased from the auction house, and the waters around Zereth Mortis are particularly full of them.

Quest 5

The next quest will ask for 5 Protoflesh, an uncommon mob drop from creatures in Zereth Mortis. Players will likely collect many of these just exploring the new zone, and it shouldn’t take long to get the required amount. They can also be purchased on the auction house.

Quest 6

Avna will then want 5 Catalyzed Apple Pie, which can simply be purchased from an automa vendor named Mai Toa in Zereth Mortis. This merchant is just outside of the Pilgrim’s Grace hub.

Quest 7

The last quest has the player bring Avna a single Organic Melon. This item requires a bit of traveling, but is easy to acquire. The character must take a flight path from Oribos to the Tazavesh dungeon. Outside, there will be two vendors on the left before zoning into the instance. The second vendor will sell this item for a small amount of gold.

Once all 7 items are delivered to Avna, he will offer a final quest called The Patient Bufonid. All that is required now is for the player to talk to Avna and turn in the quest to receive the Patient Bufonid mount.