How to get the pistol slide in In Sound Mind

Complete the set and assemble the pistol.

In Sound Mind

Image via Modus Games

Our previous In Sound Mind guides covered the locations of the pistol grip and pistol barrel. That leaves the pistol slide as the final piece of the puzzle toward assembling the handgun early on. Read our guide below to find it.

The pistol slide is sure to be the cause of many face-palm-worthy moments as it’s the only part hidden in plain sight. You can find the pistol slide on the facility’s second floor on top of the hallway’s sole vending machine. A series of boxes are piled next to it, acting as a staircase, allowing access to the pistol slide.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you have all three pieces, you’re ready to assemble the gun itself. Head back to the elevator and go to the basement floor. Return to the room housing the switch you pulled at the start of the game to turn the lights on. There’s a crafting bench to the right of that switch. Interact with the bench and place each part onto the bench piece.

After doing so, the handgun is automatically assembled with no further action on your part. You are now able to fend for yourself within the game’s first hour. The assembled pistol starts you off with eight bullets of ammunition, though you can find more later.