How to get the pistol grip in In Sound Mind

Learn how to get started on acquiring that pistol.

In Sound Mind

Image via Modus Games

In Sound Mind is the latest psychological horror game from We Create Stuff. Unlike many other recent indie horror games, In Sound Mind features traditional combat, however, players have to work toward it by acquiring different parts of a pistol in order to assemble it. The pistol grip is the first piece and is easily missable if you aren’t paying attention. Read our guide below to find it.

Upon a fresh save file, players wake up in a dark room and follow a linear path to a locked double door. The path to the right of the door is enshrouded in darkness. You won’t be able to progress without getting the flashlight from the opposite path. Follow the hallway you can walk through and make a left at the toxic sludge on the floor. This leads to an enclosed room with the flashlight resting atop one of the shelves.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After getting the flashlight, head back to the previously inaccessible hallway to activate a switch, which will turn the lights on in the facility. The key to the locked door is sitting on the table to the left of the switch. After using this key on the door in the first hallway, open the laundry room situated to the left before the elevator shaft.

You’ll notice a washing machine on a continuous wash cycle. Interact with the fuse to remove it. After doing so, take note of a box in front of one of the washing machines. Use this box as a stepping stool to make your way to the opposite end of the room. Inserting the fuse in the other washing machine forces it to stumble forward until it reveals a hole in the wall housing the pistol grip.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you need help finding either the pistol barrel or pistol slide to complete your gun, make sure to check out our guides.