How to get the pistol barrel in In Sound Mind

Learn how to work toward acquiring that pistol.

Image via Modus Games

After you’ve received the pistol grip, the first acquirable pistol piece, you’ll need to next get the pistol barrel, before then moving on to get the pistol slide. Read our guide below to help you find the pistol barrel.

After a series of unmissable story events, protagonist Desmond listens back to one of his own recordings on a cassette player in his office. This enables a short playable sequence in which the player moves down a linear path, interacting with more cassette players to listen to further bits of the recording. After finishing the recording, a cat appears on Desmond’s desk. It will toss a button onto the floor.

Pick it up as this button that allows passage to the facility’s first floor via the elevator. Upon arrival, players are greeted by a long hallway stretching on either side. The right path leads to a bunch of police tape preventing access to toxic sludge beyond the tape’s borders.

The left hallway is where you’ll want to go to progress so start inching your way there. Before reaching the very end of this path, however, there will be a door labeled as the maintenance room to your right. Open the door and inspect underneath the table to acquire the pistol barrel.

Screenshot by Gamepur