How to get the Reveal Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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The Reveal Word of Power is a special skill you can earn in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Words of Power are special abilities that allow you to explore the Abbey grounds, open hidden doorways, and find Arcane Chests. These abilities are required to hunt down the secret collectibles hidden in the Abbey. Reveal is the second power you can earn, hidden behind some quests. This guide will explain how to get the Reveal Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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How to unlock the Reveal Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Once you acquire the Open ability, the three remaining powers are hidden and require some legwork to unlock. To begin the hunt for this power, you must find four elemental rods and take them to Agatha’s Altar near the Abbey. This is where you can find each of the elemental rods.

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1: The Water Elemental Rod

This is one of the first elemental rods you can find on the Abbey grounds. This is located near the grotto. Tucked away under the nearby bridge, this rod will kick off your hunt for the elemental rods.

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2: The Fire Elemental Rod

This rod is just as straightforward to find as the first one. Inside the Abbey itself, walk into the back room behind each hero’s personal quarters. It’s resting on an altar in this chamber.

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3: The Air Elemental Rod

The air rod can be found in the Whispering Woods, resting above a ceremonial bowl.

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4: The Earth Elemental Rod

To find this power, you must use the Open power on your grave in Hunter’s Folly. Head up to the front of the tomb, then use the Open power to open it. Tucked inside the tomb is the last rod you need.

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Once you’ve acquired all four rods, bring them to Agatha’s Altar and put them in the corresponding slots. You will then be granted a Moon Seal.

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After you obtain this moon seal, you can begin the hunt for the Blood Gate and the Challenge Mission. To find the gate, use the map below as a reference.

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Start at the Abbey, then head to the closed gate with the Open sigil leading to Dreamers Descent. Run through this area by following the red path until you reach Stone Terrace. Use the Open power to open another doorway and head north until you’re face to face with the Blood Gate. Once you activate it, you will begin the mission to claim this new power.

How to complete the Atum Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

This challenge has a recommended level of eight, and attempting it under level isn’t impossible, but it will be much more challenging than it needs to be. This challenge requires you to defeat 16 Lilin within four turns. This challenge is tough and requires you to use Charlie efficiently. With him, take advantage of Howl to Mark as many enemies as possible. This skill will let you refund your Card Play after you defeat an enemy. Use this to whittle down the minion enemies that can be defeated in one hit.

Once you mark a group of enemies, use Hunter and his Quick Card attacks to help you maintain your turn against enemies you couldn’t mark with Charlie. The main goal of this strategy is to defeat as many enemies in one turn as possible. Before you end your turn, ensure you have used any environmental attacks available to help you whittle down the two Guardian enemies in this mission.

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Once the mission is over, you will be granted access to the chamber, and you can claim the Reveal word of Power. On your way out, you will have to use the Reveal power on its matching sigil on the floor to exit the dungeon.

Anytime you explore the Abbey grounds and come across the Reveal sigil, cast the spell to discover secret routes, fix broken bridges and uncover hidden items. It will also help you obtain the remaining Words of Power, Purify and Break.