How to Get the Rune of Endless Rage in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Need a Rune to help your Rage gains? This guide will walk you through how to get this helpful Rune in Season of Discovery.


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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery’s Runes adds more versatility and class abilities to their toolkits, giving you new ways to expereince Classic WoW gameplay with a few new twists.

Depending on your zone, some can be tricky to acquire or will have multiple ways to earn them. In this case, it is the Rune of Endless Rage, which can be a helpful option for DPS Warriors looking to get some extra Rage.

To help you find this Rune, we’ve put together this guide with details on how to find the Rune of Endless Rage, including locations, enemies, and details on what the Rune does.

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Where to Find the Rune of Endless Rage in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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The Rune of Endless Rage is one of the runes in Season of Discovery that has multiple ways to be earned, depending on your location and preference. Some of these are more time-consuming than others or have an extra step to complete, but all involve ultimately defeating a specific enemy. In my case, I experienced two ways to get the Rune of Endless Rage: one for my character and another for helping a fellow player.

All Methods for Finding the Rune of Endless Rage in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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As mentioned, there are a few ways to find the Endless Rage Rune in Season of Discovery, so we have taken the time to include all the different methods for getting this run below. This includes enemies you need to kill, any items needed, and the locations you’ll need to go to get them. We have divided these by zone and listed their respective faction.

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The Rune of Endless Rage will drop from the enemy Old Murk-Eye, a level 20 Murloc enemy found in the area highlighted above in Westfall.

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In this zone, you will need to kill Elite Ogres found in the Mo’grosh Stronghold and loot the Battle Totem, with these enemies including Mo’grosh Brutes, Mystics, Ogres, Enforcers, and Shamans, which can be found in the highlighted area shown above.

Once you have this item, you can challenge Haren Swifthoof, a 19-21 elite enemy, who will drop the Rune of Endless Rage. They can be found in the highlighted area shown below.

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The easiest option for Alliance, this method only requires you to defeat Lady Sedorax, a level 18 Elite Naga enemy. She can be found in the highlighted area below in the Darkshore zone.

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This method involves heading to The Crossroads in The Barrens, where you will find a Horde Warbanner behind the NPC Sergra Darkthorn at 52.2 31.0.

Interact with this item, and you will then have it mounted on your character. You will then need to take this to Northwatch Hold, where, at the top of the hill, you will find an Alliance Banner. You will need to interact with this banner to replace it with your Horde one, which will spawn the NPC Lieutenant Stonebrew, a level 17 Dwarf. Defeat them, and you’ll get the Rune of Endless Rage. The coordinates for the Alliance Banner and Lieutenant Stonebrew are 61.4, 54.8.

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This area has a lot of enemies, so it’s worth going with a small group to make this easier since if you die, you drop the banner and will need to reacquire it at The Crossroads before trying again.

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Inside the Skittering Dark Cave found in the top left of Silverpine Forest, you will find a Webbed Victim NPC at the coordinates 34.8, 7.8, which you can break out with the help of some other players, and free the NPC inside, the Lost Adventurer.

This level 16 Elite NPC will attack you. Defeat them, and they will drop the Rune of Endless Rage.

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Getting the Rune of Endless Rage

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The Rune of Endless Rage is a Glove Rune that can be a boon for Warriors, especially if you need help or want to generate more of your crucial resource Rage.

This Rune increases all Rage generated from damage you deal by 25%, meaning you can accumulate your Rage quicker and be able to use your abilities more frequently.

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This works particularly well with Consumed by Rage Rune, which sees you again a 20% melee damage bonus for 12 seconds when you exceed 80 Rage. You can get this buff quickly with the two together, provided you manage your Rage accordingly.