How to get the sail in the Survivalists

Take your monkeys on a journey with the sail.

Exploration is important in The Survivalists. The raft unlocks quickly with a popup letting you know that you should venture beyond the beginning island. The raft is easy to build. It’s made from cheap supplies and materials. All of which can be found all over the island.

The raft is useless alone. The excitement leading up to the raft is lost immediately when you can’t do anything with it. The raft, for as easy as it is to access and build, needs the sail. The sail, meanwhile, is not unlocked as early and is near the end of one of the crafting tree branches.

To get the sail, you have to go through the blanket and sheet tree. You start with the basic one that you can build by hand. Higher tier blankets must be crafted at a workstation. Once you unlock fur items, you will make a fur rug and then the luxury bed sheet. The sail will unlock after making the luxury bed sheets.

It’s an odd choice to put the sail so far from the raft in the crafting tree, even if the materials make sense. It makes the raft’s early unlock worthless since it can’t be used until the sail is added. 

Once you have the sail, you’re ready to head to other islands. Be warned that controlling the raft is a bit unusual.