How to get the Sarofang in Warframe

Axe-ing the right questions on how to find this weapon.

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The Sarofang is Voruna’s new signature axe included in Warframe: Lua’s Prey. If you’re looking for a weapon that is absolutely fearsome in close combat and can hit a lot of enemies in one swing, this is what you’re looking for. While this weapon leans heavily on Slash damage, it is very good across a wide variety of builds due to its flexibility in mod choices without modifications applied. Elemental or straight physical damage is a good option here and it’s very hard to go wrong building more towards builds involving sheer power over swing speed.

Where to get the Sarofang in Warframe

The parts and blueprints to the Sarofang can primarily be found by doing the new Conjunction Survival missions at the Yuvarium and Circulus nodes on Lua. The drop rates for each of the components are as follows:

Lua: Yuvarium

  • Rotation A
    • Sarofang Blueprint – Rare (7.52%)
  • Rotation B
    • Sarofang Blade – Rare (6.00%)
    • Sarofang Handle – Rare (6.00%)

Lua: Circulus

  • Rotation A
    • Sarofang Blueprint – Uncommon (11.28%)
  • Rotation B
    • Sarofang Blade – Uncommon (10.16%)
    • Sarofang Handle – Uncommon (10.16%)

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Another alternative, if you are having bad luck on drops, is to farm up Thrax Plasm from the Conjunction Survival missions and go to Yonta on the Zariman Ten-Zero. She sells the Blueprint for Sarofang for 100 Thrax Plasm, the Blade for 50 Thrax Plasm, and the Handle for another 50 Thrax Plasm. In total, if you were to buy this, it costs 200 Thrax Plasm in all.

How to craft the Sarofang in Warframe

The Perigale can be crafted in the Foundry for the following cost:

  • 20,000 Credits
  • 1x Sarofang Blade
  • 1x Sarofang Handle
  • 50 Thrax Plasm