How to get the Sepfahn in Warframe

If you would like a custom build Nikana in Warframe then you will need the Sepfahn.


The Sepfahn in Warframe is a Zaw Strike that can be used to create a Nikana or a staff weapon. You can purchase the blueprint for the Sepfahn from Hok, at Cetus, for 1000 Ostron Standing, after you reach the rank of Neutral with the Ostron Syndicate. Players cannot trade blueprints for Zaw components or finished Zaw components. 

When you buy the blueprint, you will then be able to build the Sepfahn Strike in your Foundry using the following resources:

  • 5000 Credits
  • 15 Condroc Wings
  • 55 Fish Scales
  • 10 Tear Azurite
  • 60 Coprite Alloy

You can get Condroc Wings on the Plains of Eidolon by killing the groups of Condrocs you will find, either walking around the Plains or flying above them. Fish Scales can be obtained from any fish that can be caught on the plains. Bring your fish to Fisher Hai-Luk, and choose the “Cut Bait” option when you interact with her, this will harvest any fish you select for resources, including Fish Scales.

You can purchase the blueprint for Tear Azurite from Old Man Suumbaat at Cetus for 1000 Ostron Standing, and you will need to mine Azurite from the Plains of Eidolon to make it in your Foundry. Old Man Suumbat will also sell you the blueprint for Coprite Alloy as long as you have reached the rank of Offworlder. You will need Coprun to make the Coprite Alloy. Once again, this can be mined on the Plains of Eidolon. 

The Sapfahn is a Slash focused Zaw, doing 65 percent Slash, 25 percent Puncture, and 10 percent Impact damage. Because the stats of the finished weapon will change depending on what components you use to build it, there are many different ways you can build this weapon. 

A Sepfahn pairs well with the Kwath Grip, and the Ekwana Jai II Links. You can then mod it with Condition Overload and Blood Rush to take advantage of the resulting stats, giving you high damage output.