How to get the Sinrunner Blanchy mount in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Behold, a red horse…and it demands presents.

Naxxaramas might have its own Four Horsemen in World of Warcraft, but you can get a different kind of equine companion in the Shadowlands expansion. We’re talking about Sinrunner Blanchy, a ghostly horse who freely trots around Revendreth. You can add Blanchy to your mount collection, but it’s going to take some time before you coax her into your personal stable.

Blanchy will appear every one to two hours in Endmire, north of the Darkhaven zone in Revendreth. You’ll find the horse running around 63.1, 43.1, and you’ll need to be on your own mount to stop Blanchy in her tracks due to the horse’s speed. You’ll spend six total days getting the horse to come around to your charms, and you’ll need six different items to do this.

  • First, you’ll need eight Handfuls of Oats. You can find these all over the farm areas in Westfall, but you’ll need to be at least Level 56 to pick them up.
  • Next, get the Grooming Brush from an NPC named Snickersnee inside Darkhaven. While you’re here, grab the Empty Water Bucket that’s located near Snickersnee’s post; we’ll take care of this step at the end.
  • On the road between Darkhaven and Endmire, you’ll see Sturdy Horseshoes scattered everywhere; pick up four of these.
  • Purchase a Comfortable Saddle Blanket from Ta’tru, who runs his shop in the Night Market. You’ll need to trade 30 pieces of Creeping Crawler Meat for the blanket.
  • Take the flight path to Charred Ramparts, and head directly north to the Hole in the Wall shop. Buy three Dredhollow Apples from Mims.
  • Finally, head to Ardenweald or Bastion and fill the Empty Water Bucket at the nearest body of water.

With all of these items in hand, you can begin the recruiting process for Blanchy. After encountering the horse, interact with her to stop it from moving. Each day you do this, you’ll need to give her a different item — six treats for six days. Use them in the following order:

Day 1Handful of Oats
Day 2Grooming Brush
Day 3Sturdy Horseshoes
Day 4Bucket of Clean Water
Day 5Comfortable Saddle Blanket
Day 6Dredhollow Apples

After Blanchy devours the apples, she decides you’re the bee’s knees, and you’ll obtain Blanchy’s Reins, placing her in your mount collection.