How to get the Soccer Player skin in Rec Room


Image via Rec Room Inc.

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Rec Room is a free-to-play virtual reality game where you and your friends can build and play games together. The type of games ranges from paintball and laser tag to disc golf and charades. However, if you don’t want to play any games, you are able to freely hang out with your friends and other users in your room with your custom avatars. The game has several different Cosmetic Sets which are special costumes that will help you stand out amongst your peers. One of them is the Soccer Player set, which makes your avatar look like a Soccer Player.

The Soccer Player set has two articles of clothing: the Soccer Jersey and the Soccer Gloves. They can come in either Red or Blue. In order to equip either piece, you will have to complete the Soccer map. The map plays anywhere from two to six players, so you can easily invite a couple of friends to a quick round of soccer. After the game is over, you’ll get a gift box that has a chance of giving you a single piece — sometimes even multiple pieces if you’re lucky — of the Soccer Player skin. Unfortunately, due to the low chances of the Soccer Player set dropping, it may take multiple tries until you can get the full set.