How to get the Sorrowbane sword in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

If you enjoy multitasking, we have got the fetch quest for you.

Image via Blizzard

If you’re in the market for a new sword for your character in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the Sorrowbane is an excellent addition to your arsenal. It’s as ugly as a bowling shoe, but packs some incredible perks: a huge boost to versatility and haste, and the chance to kill any lesser mob which is already down to 20% health or less. If you’re at level 60 with your character and ready to do some chores, you can be the proud new owner of Sorrowbane.

Making plans

Before you start your journey proper for the sword, make sure you have a Potion of Unusual Strength and a Strength of Blood in your inventory; you can find these, respectively, from Au’larrynar in the non-instance Theater of Pain, and from Tat’tru in Revendreth’s Night Market. Next, buy a Scroll of Teleport: Theater of Pain from One-Eyed Joby, outside of the Theater of Pain.

Finally, you’ll need to wait until the World Quest “A Few Bumps Along the Way” is active. When you see the quest name on the map, you can begin.

Start the run

Begin working on A Few Bumps Along the Way, finishing no more than three of the necessary ballista repairs. The key here is keeping the first buff you receive, Battle Hardened, which only lasts for ten minutes. You’ll need this time to rush over to Glutharn’s Decay on the eastern end of Maldraxxus. Here, you’ll find Edible Redcaps, and you need to consume three of them, or four if you only have two stacks of Battle Hardened. You are now extremely swole, and capable of unearthing Sorrowbane.

Use your Scroll of Teleport: Theater of Pain, and you’ll be propelled back to the location of the sword. Gulp down your Strength of Blood and Potion of Unusual Strength, start flexing those muscles, and yank the sword from the stone. Be careful where you point that thing.