How to get the Sound and Fury achievement/trophy in Alan Wake Remastered

Flashbangs are deadly.

Alan Wake Remastered

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The Sound and Fury achievement and trophy in Alan Wake Remastered is awarded for killing four Taken with a single flashbang. Much like the Come One, Come All achievement, this one is simultaneously missable and acquirable without trying depending on your luck with enemy placement. Read below to learn the best spot for this achievement.

The flashbang isn’t introduced until the third chapter. Alan finds himself on the run, escaping into a nearby forest. During this episode’s early portions, players won’t have access to guns. They’ll only have the flashbang and flashlight.

Leading the ambush

Alan Wake Remastered
Screenshot by Gamepur

During the critical path, there’s going to be a light post with a radio. This checkpoint sits just in front of a bridge with a manuscript page sitting on a cliffside at the other end of the bridge. Step underneath the light post to activate the checkpoint before moving forward.

Four enemies will spawn once you’ve crossed the bridge: three small Taken and one large Taken. Ignore them and head to the cliffside housing the manuscript page. This tight corner forces the enemies close together. Before throwing the flashbang, aim the flashlight at the large Taken for two seconds to weaken it.

The flashbang won’t do enough damage to kill the large Taken if you ignore this step. After weakening it, though, the flashbang’s radius is large enough to guarantee you’ll pop the Sound and Fury achievement/trophy.