How to get the Come One, Come All achievement/trophy Alan Wake Remastered

Get this achievement and trophy as soon as possible.

Alan Wake Remastered

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The Come One, Come All achievement and trophy in Alan Wake Remastered is awarded for killing four Taken with a single flare gun shot. Given Alan Wake’s action-heavy nature, it’s possible to pop this without knowing it’s an achievement. It’s also possible to play the entire game without getting it. Read below to learn about the earliest and most convenient opportunity.

While the flare gun is introduced in the first episode, your earliest chance to net Come One, Come All isn’t until the second episode. This is because of the way Alan Wake slowly ramps up the action. You’re typically fighting one to three Taken at a time throughout the first episode. In episode two, Alan gets a call from Alice’s kidnapper asking to meet him at Lovers’ Peak.

Reaching the spot

Alan Wake Remastered
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During your trek to the meeting spot, you’ll come across a light post shining at the end of a bridge with a generator bathed in its light. Stepping into the light, which is unavoidable, triggers a checkpoint. Keep a mental note of the bench to the right of this checkpoint as you may need to return to it for this achievement.

Following the path straight ahead leads Alan to a spawn featuring five Taken. It’s difficult to miss as the game introduces them through a brief cinematic angle before relinquishing control back to the player. If you wait a few seconds, they’ll often converge where the paths meet at the tree with the sign, providing the perfect chance to wipe them out in one go. If you miss, you can always restart the checkpoint, which is conveniently moments before this spawn.

If this method proves too unreliable or unpredictable for you, remember the bench next to the checkpoint. Lure the Taken to that spot, circling around the bench and stunning them so they don’t attack you. The area is confined enough that getting them to bunch together for the flare gun shot shouldn’t prove too difficult.