How to get the Steel Curtain assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3

What steps do you need to do to unlock this assault rifle blueprint?

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A new season has arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and players have the chance to start on brand new missions to obtain a unique array of blueprints available to everyone. If you want to complete any of these blueprints, you need to go into the Missions & Challenges section of your HUD on multiplayer and mark them as active. By having them active, you can steadily work your way through the missions to eventually unlock the blueprint. A legendary assault rifle is available called the Steel Curtain. 

You need to go through 12 different objectives in the order they unlock to obtain the rifle. All of them come with unique rewards, giving you access to even more experience points and cosmetics as you work your way towards the rifle.

These are the objectives:

  • Objective 1: Get 2 public wins.
    • Receive 1,000 XP and the Ace Combatant emblem.
  • Objective 2: Get 75 kills.
    • Receive 1,500 XP and the My Collection calling card.
  • Objective 3: Get 5 Headshots in Team Deathmatch.
    • Receive 2,000 XP and the Hot Head sticker.
  • Objective 4: Get 20 kills with Equipment.
    • Receive 2,500 XP and the Adam Bomb calling card.
  • Objective 5: Capture 20 Flags in Ground War.
    • Receive 3,000 XP and the Spartan Sense spray.
  • Objective 6: Get 20 Point-Blank kills.
    • Receive 4,000 XP and the Hari Trigger calling card.
  • Objective 7: Get 5 wins in Search and Destroy.
    • Receive 5,000 XP and the Gilded Legionnaires emblem.
  • Objective 8: Get 25 kills with Killstreaks.
    • Receive 7,000 XP and the Let’s Ride calling card.
  • Objective 9: Get 40 kills with your Secondary Weapon.
    • Receive 7,000 XP and the Spartan Youth sticker.
  • Objective 10: Get 10 Longshot Kills.
    • Receive 8,000 XP and the Violet Vendetta calling card.
  • Objective 11: Get 5 wins in Gunfight.
    • Receive 9,000 XP and the Duel Wield spray.
  • Objective 12: Win 10 Public Matches
    • Receive 10,000 XP and the Steel Curtain assault rifle.

You need to complete each objective in chronological order to unlock the next one. Anything done before an objective is available to you does not count, unfortunately. Once you unlock the Steel Curtain, all you have to do is go to the AK-47 assault rifle in your loadout and choose this variation.

There are several other weapon blueprints available in Modern Warfare for the new season. Make sure to visit the Mission & Challenges page to find your favorite and work towards unlocking it before time runs out.