How to get the Strike a Pose Achievement in Unpacking

Who knew mannequins could dance?

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the biggest joys in Unpacking is getting to play around with various items as you empty boxes and decorate the game’s diorama-like levels. A great example of this is highlighted by the requirement to unlock the Strike a Pose achievement. Getting the achievement is a short and simple process, but it can still be easily missed.

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To get the Strike a Pose achievement in Unpacking, you’ll have to complete the starting level, the year 1997. The achievement can’t be unlocked until you get to the next level, which has you looking back through your photo album to the year 2004. This level has multiple rooms full of different boxes and some of the contents have been mixed up during the moving process; thankfully, the item you need is in the correct location and is hiding within a box in the bedroom.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve begun to unpack bedroom boxes, you’ll come across a small, poseable mannequin. Simply select the mannequin with your cursor and press the button to rotate it. The mannequin will cycle through a few different poses, one of which will see it dabbing. Making the mannequin dab will unlock the Strike a Pose achievement. You’re free to choose a different pose for the mannequin, so don’t be afraid to change it before completing the level if you’d like to.