How to get the Sundancer mount in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Dance the sun away with this unicorn.

Image via Blizzard

During your time earning the Adventurer of Bastion achievement, you’ll need to take care of the Sundancer, a unicorn flying around the southeastern tip of Bastion in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Finding this rare enemy is a bit of a chore, but once you defeat it, you get a shot at earning the same creature as as mount.

Gliding to the sky

Before you head to the Sundancer’s location, you’ll need a Skystrider Glider. This item is part of the crafing quest chain for Kyrian players; if you’re neither Kyrian nor a crafter, you’ll have to dig around the auction house or very nicely ask someone to make one for you (maybe someone who can also help you defeat Sundancer).

If you are a Kyrian crafter, you’ll need to raise your Path of Ascension Building to Rank 3. Continue through the Path of Ascension until you open the Kalisthene Trial of Wisdom; winning this battle will give you the blueprints for a Skystrider Glider. You now need 6 Elysian Feathers, 4 Champion’s Pelts, 2 Nightforged Steels, and 4 Calloused Bones to make your glider.

Don’t try and use a Goblin Glider in the next section. It won’t end well for you.

Finding Sundancer

With the glider in your bags, make your way to 60.0, 91.0. It’s about as southeast as you can go in Bastion, indicated by the blue dot above. Locate the Ancient Memorial, and interact with it to receive the Sunrider’s Blessing buff. Now, you can head due north along the rocky cliffs to 61.3, 82.6, shown on the map as the red dot.

You’ll see Sundancer gliding across the sky below you, and this is where the Skystrider Glider comes into play. You need to jump toward Sundancer and glide further toward the horse, enabling you to interact with it from the top and hop on its back. Sundancer will let you sit, but you will immediately start taking damage (probably because of the solar rays emanating from his body), so immediately begin spamming the Soothe action prompt in the middle of the screen.

If you hammer the button enough, Sundancer will calm down, and gently bring you to its personal proving grounds. You will be kicked off the horse’s back, and after it rears up, you can speak to it to challenge Sundancer in combat. You’ll win the fight once you whittle down the holy horse’s health to ten percent. The horse will bow to you, and if it’s feeling generous, you’ll walk away with Sundancer as your newest mount.