How to get the True Ending in Persona 4 Golden

How to get the best ending in the game.

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Persona 4 Golden has four different endings: Bad, Good, Accomplice, and True. There are a few variations of the Bad Ending, the Good Ending is the default ending, and the Accomplice Ending requires some extra work in December. The True Ending is much harder to obtain, because the game doesn’t make any indication that it exists.

To get the True Ending, you must have discovered the identity of the true culprit and cleared the Magatsu Inaba dungeon before 12/25. This puts you on track for the Good Ending. You can spend the rest of your time normally, completing any Social Links or continuing any dungeon progress. Completing Marie’s storyline is optional; you can complete it if you like for an extended True Ending, but it’s not mandatory. Unlocking the True Ending begins on 3/20 (March 20), and is always available after the Good Ending.

Meet all your Social Links first

You must meet every person you have a completed Social Link with. They will not appear if you didn’t complete their Social Link and won’t be counted in the tally. These are their locations:

  • You can find Naoto, Ayane/Yumi, and Ai at Yasogami High School
  • You can find Yosuke and Teddie at Junes
  • You can find Yukiko, Sayoko, and Eri by using the South Central Shopping District Bus Stop
  • You can find Chie, Margaret, Shu, Rise, Kanji, Marie, and Naoki along the Shopping District (North and South)
  • You can find Kou and Daisuke in Aiya
  • You can find the fox in the Shrine
  • You can find Hisano near the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank
  • You can find Dojima and Nanako back at the Dojima Residence

Don’t worry about Adachi; he has a different conversation opportunity with you.

After you meet every completed Social Link, a dialogue box will appear, asking you to return home. If you select “Yes”, you will begin the Good Ending. But if you want the True Ending, you must select “No”.

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After selecting “No”, you will regain control. Head back to the Junes Food Court and a scene will play where you reunite with the Investigation Team. After some discussion, you will try to find out what happened when you arrived. After getting a letter from Adachi, his Hunger Social Link will complete if it reaches Level 10 at this time.

Finding the truth

Visit Dojima at the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank and talk to him about your arrival. You will be reminded of your stop at the gas station at the South Central Shopping District. Return to the Central Shopping District and visit the Velvet Room. After a talk, Igor will hand you the Orb of Sight and encourages you to find the truth.

It will start raining at this point, and you should talk to the Gas Station Attendant. Keep talking to them and select the option about doing something to the protagonist. This will reveal Izanami’s presence and put you on the path to the True Ending. You will be able to go into the TV World again and enter the Yomotsu Hirasaka dungeon, which is the game’s final dungeon.

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Progress through the dungeon and defeat the final boss at the end. After the scenes, you will get the True Ending of Persona 4 Golden. If you managed to max out Marie’s Social Link and complete her optional dungeon on 2/13 (February 13), you will get an extended form of the True Ending shortly after the animated scene.